Are you having chronic pelvic pain?

Published On: March, 27, 2023

What Is Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Chronic pelvic pain that occurs because of pelvic venous disease (sometimes referred to as pelvic congestion syndrome) is often felt below the belly button in the pelvis. A number of conditions can cause chronic pelvic pain, including enlarged varicose veins in the ovaries and pelvis. In the pelvis, veins have one-way valves that help keep blood flowing toward your heart. If the valves are weak or damaged, blood can pool in your veins, which causes them to swell. When this happens near the pelvis, it is called pelvic venous disease (PeVD). Women with pelvic venous disease often experience pain during or following intercourse.

Pelvic venous disease usually affects women who have previously been pregnant because the ovarian and pelvic veins widened to accommodate the increased blood flow from the uterus during pregnancy. After the pregnancy, some of these veins remain enlarged and fail to return to their previous size, causing them to weaken, allowing blood to pool.

What are the causes of chronic pain?


Determining the cause of the pain can be complicated because there are many possibilities:

• Pelvic venous disease (pelvic congestion syndrome)

• Uterine fibroids

• Kidney stones

• Infected appendix

• Endometriosis

• Ovarian cysts

• Other causes

A number of diagnostic tests can be performed through minimally invasive methods to determine whether your chronic  pain is a result of  varicose veins. These tests include:

• Pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound

• Pelvic venogram

• Computed tomography (CT)

• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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