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Concerned about Leg Pain?

We evaluate and treat leg pain that is related to poor circulation, varicose veins and blood clots. These are all vascular conditions. However, there are numerous causes of non-vascular leg pain including injuries in the joints, bones, muscles or ligaments. Arthritis can also cause leg pain. Low back pain can radiate to the legs and also cause pain. It is always important to have a thorough evaluation by your doctor to determine the correct cause.

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Causes of Leg Pain

• Injuries in the joints, bones,
muscles, or ligaments
• Arthritis
• Low back pain radiating to the legs

Leg pain caused by blood clots can vary in how it presents. Not all blood clots will cause pain. Blood clots in the deep veins, called deep vein thrombosis, (DVT) can cause a sudden onset of swelling in the leg, pain, and sometimes redness and warmth. It usually affects one leg instead of both. It may be difficult to walk.  A blood clot in a superficial vein, called superficial vein thrombosis, often occurs in a varicose vein. The vein can feel hard, painful, lumpy, or you may feel a rope-like knot just beneath the skin. The skin may appear red and hot.

Leg pain caused by venous reflux disease often presents as leg pain, heaviness, fatigue, that tends to get worse throughout the day and with standing. It may be worse in hot weather. Women may experience worsening symptoms during menstruation from hormonal influence. Night-time symptoms of leg cramping and restlessness is common. There may or may not be visible signs of venous disease, as venous reflux usually starts in veins that are not visible to the naked eye before becoming visibly apparent. Signs of vein disease include varicose veins (bulging, twisted, enlarged veins and the surface of the skin), spider veins, ankle swelling, and long term venous reflux, called chronic venous insufficiency can cause the skin to darken around the ankles and ulcerate.

PAD 1Poor arterial circulation in the legs is referred to as peripheral arterial disease (PAD). PAD has a different presentation than venous disease. Leg pain is often with walking and can cause cramping most frequently in the calf muscles but also can occur in the thighs or buttocks. The cramping stops usually with rest. Signs may include poor perfusion to the toes causing paleness and thickened toe-nails. Pulses at the feet may be absent.

All of these conditions are treatable. Improvement of blood flow usually resolves or reduces leg pain. These conditions are diagnosed by a medical history, physical examination and non-invasive ultrasound imaging. An ABI test can screen for PAD.

If you are concerned about one of these conditions, call us today to set up a diagnostic imaging and a consultation with one of our healthcare providers to discuss results and options for relief.

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5 star reviews by actual patients

I have been having leg treatments for several months now La Jolla Vein Care. Every time I go to an appointment; the staff is so friendly and takes such good care of me; always informative; not in a rush and always friendly (especially Alejandra & Anna to name a few). Of course Dr. Lucas is amazing. The treatments have changed my life. Overall this has been an incredible experience. 

Brigid Z.

The staff members that I interacted with were all professional, conscientious and empathetic to my complaints and discomfort. I was taken into the ultrasound room a few minutes before my appointment time. I did not have a long wait before the ultrasonographer came and ran the machine. It was also a short wait before Dr. Steinburg came into the room with a warm, welcoming smile. We discussed my ultrasound and the things I was experiencing . I scheduled another appointment for next year and was offered a bottle of water upon leaving the office. All in all, I thought it was a very satisfactory appointment.

Renee P.

We were early and didn’t have to wait at all. The tech that did my husband’s ultrasound, Monica, was very accommodating with my husband’s Parkinson’s. Doctor Lucas whom we hadn’t seen before, came to us instead of making my husband walk down to another office. She spent a lot of time getting caught up on Steve’s background issues/conditions. I was impressed by this medical group before, so I was surprised that the staff was even better this time around; I honestly didn’t think there was room for improvement! 

Linda N.

From my greeting at the front desk to the ultrasound and visit with the doctor, I received excellent care. It’s clear they care about their patients and all the staff couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. I also appreciate how much time the doctor spent with me to explain the results and the next steps. I would definitely recommend this office to friends with vein issues. 

Anne S.

Highly recommend! Entire staff are warm& friendly, professional and accommodating. The doctor took the time to thoroughly explain everything and encouraged me to ask questions. I never felt rushed. Significantly better experience than the other 2 vein clinics I’ve been to on the east coast. I wish I could’ve just come here from the beginning. 


The staff kept you informed as to when you would be seen and the wait was not too long. Emily took care of my ultrasound and was very accommodating giving me an extra pillow and playing a video to watch. The office is very courteous and professional- Nadia answered our questions and offered us a bottle of water. I have been seeing Dr. Bunke, but now Dr. Lucas and will continue coming to La Jolla Vein Care! 

Rebecca D.

The staff at La Jolla Vein Care Center are outstanding. They are friendly and helpful. Dr. Lucas and my ultrasound tech were both very thorough, kind and answered all of my questions. The new office was beautiful. I feel very confident that I am in good hands and that any up coming treatments will be successful. Thank for for making me feel so comfortable.

Ginger T.

Dr De Young is personable and thorough in his explanations. Exceptional. 

James R.

I had the best experience at La Jolla Vein Care. Dr.Bunke is an amazing doctor with the best bedside manners, she truly cares about her patients, she explained everything to me. My procedures where so easy I was impressed how painless and fast my appointments. Anna M was very helpful scheduling my treatments and checking on me to make sure all of my questions were answered. I am very pleased thank you !!! I truly recommend La Jolla Vein Care!

Henda S.

I am pleased to recommend La Jolla Vein & Vascular. I am in the process of receiving treatment there. The entire medical staff are super friendly, welcoming and very helpful. Everyone is courteous, including the physicians. I’ve had one doctor follow my case. He’s the one who always treats me at appointments and closely follows my health. I am very comfortable going there. Would go again if needed and encourage anyone who’s thinking of making an appointment to do so asap. You’ll see what a wonderful experience it is. It’s the people who make it so special!

Monica M.

Everyone here is so nice! Usually front desk medical personnel are so rude. The front desk ladies Alejandra, Anna, and I think her name is Liz, went above and beyond to take care of me and my insurance issues. The techs are great too! Rachel and a male technician assisted me…both of them implemented different techniques to make me feel more at ease during an uncomfortable and painful process. These procedures were rough…and I am grateful everyone was so sweet to me. Thanks again. 

Melissa B.

La Jolla Vein care has the best staff ever. They are so nice, accommodating and professional!! Dr. Bunke is the best doctor that I ever seen. She is so friendly upfront and has the best bed side manner. I thank this office for letting me be their patient. 💜. Plus they are so careful with COVID which I really appreciate!!! 

Darlene H.

When I arrived for the first time, I could barely walk. My legs were red and swollen. After my treatments, I can now walk again. I’m so thankful to the doctor and his staff. They are caring, supporting and knowledgeable about my issues. Five Stars all the way!!!! 

Pamela M.

The office is exceptional, from front desk, to exam staff to the physicians. They have created a welcoming, relaxing environment, and take their time in examining and consulting with you to provide the best outcome. I highly recommend La Jolla Vein & Vascular for the assessment and treatment of your vein and vascular function.

Nancy F.

Beautiful facility! I walked in without an appointment and they took me right away! It was even the end of the day…I was so grateful…Every single person was soooo pleasant! Super impressed ❤️ 

Susan M.

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