Introducing Our New Amazing Dermatologist: Dr. Busch, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist in SD, CA - Dr. Busch, MD
Published On: March, 8, 2024

Introducing Our New Dermatologist: Dr. Busch

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Busch, a highly respected and board-certified dermatologist, to our team at La Jolla Vein & Vascular! With her extensive expertise and dedication to patient care, Dr. Heidi Busch brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Vista location.

About Dr. Busch

Dr. Busch has been board certified by the American Board of Dermatology since 2001, showcasing her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of dermatologic care. With a focus on general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology, Dr. Busch is adept at addressing a wide range of dermatologic concerns for patients of all ages, from pre-teens to senior citizens.

What sets Dr. Busch apart is her meticulous nature, diagnostic skill, and genuine compassion for her patients. Colleagues hold her in high regard for her expertise and dedication to patient well-being. Patients appreciate her approachability and the thorough patient education she provides, ensuring they feel empowered and informed about their skin health. Dr. Busch believes in building long-term relationships with her patients, fostering a welcoming and comfortable environment where they can trust they are receiving exceptional dermatologic care.

Dr. Busch: Background and Experience

Dr. Busch’s journey to becoming a dermatologist is marked by a remarkable academic and professional trajectory. She graduated with honors from UC San Diego with a double major in Physiology and Psychology in 1990. Following this, she earned her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston in 1994, while on a military scholarship.

Her dedication to serving her country led her to complete her internship year in Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Dr. Busch was then selected to serve as a Naval Flight Surgeon, providing medical care to the renowned VMA-214 Black Sheep Squadron at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ. Following her tenure as a Flight Surgeon, she pursued her passion for dermatology, completing her residency at the esteemed dermatology program at the Naval Medical Center San Diego.

During her military career, Dr. Busch served as the department head of dermatology in Yokosuka, Japan, before completing her ten-year service at Camp Pendleton as a Lieutenant Commander. Her diverse experiences have honed her skills and equipped her with a unique perspective on dermatologic care.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Busch is a devoted wife and mother of three, actively involved in her community through volunteer work at her children’s school and church. She particularly enjoys supporting youth sports and theater activities.

Services of Dr. Busch

Dr. Busch offers a comprehensive range of dermatologic services, including:

  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Management of skin conditions such as acne and eczema
  • Removal of benign growths including lipomas, cysts, cherry angiomas, moles, warts, and molluscum
  • Treatment of skin rashes and infections
  • Cosmetic enhancements

Schedule Your Consultation Today with Dr. Busch

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Dr. Heidi Busch’s services and schedule a consultation at our Vista location. Experience personalized and expert dermatologic care tailored to your unique needs. With Dr. Busch’s expertise and compassionate approach, you can trust that your skin health is in good hands.

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