Vein Treatment During COVID-19

Published On: May, 27, 2020

The International Union of Phlebology (UIP) Published a Consensus Document in the Journal of Vascular Surgery regarding the treatment of patients with vein disorders during COVID: Triage of Patients with Venous and Lymphatic Diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic- the Venous and Lymphatic Triage and Acuity Scale (VELTAS). 

We are pleased to report that our own practice guidelines are entirely consistent with the recent UIP recommendations; and we are excelling at allowing urgent as well as semi-urgent (patients who are highly symptomatic) to be seen typically within one week.

The purpose of the triage scale developed by International Union of Phlebology (UIP) is to ensure that patients with venous and lymphatic disorders receive care in a timely fashion without compromising healthcare resources needed for the pandemic and without imposing undue risks to patients and health care providers.

Triage urgency was categorised into four groups and individual conditions were allocated to each class of triage. These included 1) Medical Emergencies (requiring immediate attendance), example massive pulmonary embolism; 2) Urgent (to be seen as soon as possible), example deep vein thrombosis ; 3) Semi-urgent (to be attended to within 30-90 days), example highly symptomatic CVD, and 4) Discretionary/Non-urgent- (to be seen within 6-12 months).

La Jolla Vein Care’s statement is as follows:

‘While we continue to encourage virtual visits and at-home mobile ultrasound diagnostics, our office has re-opened for medical necessity treatments and for those who require in-office visits. Medical necessity conditions include complications from venous reflux disease and varicose veins such as thrombophlebitis (blood clots), vein hemorrhages, venous leg ulcerations (open leg wounds), and symptoms that interfere with one’s ability to work or maintain daily activities such as leg pain, heaviness, throbbing, swelling and night symptoms that interfere with rest such as restlessness and night cramps.’ Cosmetic spider vein treatments are postponed until a future date.

This means that patients who suffer from symptoms of varicose veins and CVI, and those with complications do not have to put off their vein care. We continue to be committed on a daily basis to helping our patients. If you have a vein condition you would like to have addressed, please call us at 858-550-0330.


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