Chemical Ablation: A Breakthrough Procedure for Vascular Health

Published On: November, 24, 2023

Chemical Ablation: A Breakthrough Procedure for Vascular Health

Revolutionizing Vein Health with Varithena®: The Injectable Foam Chemical Ablation Treatment

In the contemporary realm of vein treatments, Varithena®, a remarkable ablation procedure, emerges as a transformative solution for dealing with varicose veins within the great saphenous vein system (GSV). This prescription medication presents a non-thermal, non-tumescent, and virtually painless approach to vein treatment. In this article, we embark on an in-depth exploration of Varithena®, its effectiveness, and what awaits you on the day of treatment.

Cracking the Varithena® Code: Your Gateway to Vein Health

Varithena® employs a specialized “microfoam” formulation consisting of polidocanol (a sclerosing agent) and CO2 to target superficial venous incompetence and visible varicosities associated with the great saphenous vein system. The microfoam is skillfully injected into the vein under the guidance of ultrasound, displacing blood and efficiently obliterating the endothelial lining through chemical ablation.

The Perks of Varithena®:

Tailored Treatment: Varithena® recommendations are individualized, accounting for factors such as vein location, size, anatomy, and tortuosity. It effectively addresses veins of various sizes, both above and below the knee.

Minimally Invasive: This treatment is incision-free, sparing you the need for sedation or general anesthesia, thereby enhancing patient comfort.

Non-Invasive Approach: Unlike some other techniques, Varithena® does not necessitate the insertion of a wire along the length of the vein, eliminating associated discomfort.

Heat-Free Method: Varithena® refrains from utilizing heat, eliminating any risk of thermal injury during treatment.

Frequency of Treatment and Response: A Deeper Insight

The number and frequency of Varithena® chemical treatments are tailored to individual anatomical factors, the rate of vein response, and the desired treatment outcomes. While larger or more resistant veins might necessitate two treatments for a comprehensive response, many veins exhibit favorable results following a single session. The treatment process is carefully managed to mitigate potential side effects.

On the Day of Varithena® Treatment: What to Anticipate

Preparing for your Varithena®  chemical ablation treatment day is a straightforward process:

  • Consent and Attire: You will complete a consent form and change into the provided shorts for your comfort.
  • Skin Preparation: Your skin will be meticulously cleaned with alcohol, and ultrasound will be used to precisely locate the veins that require targeted treatment.
  • Injection Process: The foam medication will be gently injected into your veins using a fine needle. This innovative foam effectively fills and treats the designated vein section, leading to vein collapse and deactivation.
  • Recovery Period: You will elevate your legs on a comfortable wedge pillow for approximately 15 minutes post-treatment.
  • Compression Stockings and Walking: After the procedure, compression stockings will be expertly applied, and you will engage in a 30-minute walk before you head home.

Varithena® paves the way for a new era in vein health, offering a swift and effective method for addressing varicose veins. At La Jolla Vein & Vascular, our proficient medical professionals are devoted to providing personalized care throughout your vein health journey. By embracing cutting-edge solutions like Varithena®, you are taking confident strides toward healthier, pain-free legs and enhanced overall well-being.

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