8 Warning Signs of Vein Disease: #5 Pregnancy Related Varicose or Spider Veins

Published On: July, 22, 2014

Pregnant women should talk with their doctors about using medical compression therapy during pregnancy to reduce the risk of varicose veins and vein related issues.

8 Warning Signs of Vein Disease: #5 Varicose or Spider Veins, especially during or after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the amount of blood greatly increases throughout the body to almost double the normal volume, stretching leg veins far beyond their normal capacity.  Even though the visible signs of varicose veins may disappear after birth, the damage done to veins during pregnancy may be permanent and can cause pain and discomfort later in life. These problems may be avoided if compression therapy is prescribed during pregnancy. Women with a history of vein disease in their family or who experience swelling, pain or varicosities in the their legs during pregnancy are strongly urged to talk to their doctors about medical compression therapy or be evaluated by a vein specialist.

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