What Causes Vulvar Varicosities?

vulvar varicosities
Published On: June, 8, 2022

What Causes Vulvar Varicosities?

  • There is ongoing research concerning the causes and risk factors associated with pelvic congestion syndrome. However, the most commonly known cause of vulvar varicosities is pregnancy.
  • Blood vessels such as veins contain valves whose task is to prevent blood from flowing back. Veins in the abdominal and lower parts of the body have to work against factors such as gravity to ensure smooth and uninterrupted blood flow.
    However, pregnancy can lead to the dilation of veins.
  • Consequently, this means the valves have to work even harder to keep blood flowing in the proper direction. This dilation can go unnoticed in the initial stages, making pelvic congestion syndrome hard to detect in the early days.
  • Other factors, such as the pregnancy’s pressure on the lower body and the increased blood flow to the genitalia, can alter valves’ normal working and efficiency, which then results in the development of varicose veins.
  • Recent research also shows that pelvic congestion syndrome runs in the family. So, if a relative or someone genetically close to you has encountered a case of vulvar varicosities, you too may be at risk. To combat this situation, you can schedule regular checkups with your physician to ensure no signs of pelvic congestion syndrome.
  • Pelvic tumors have also been identified as a causative and accelerant agent to labia varicose veins. If you’re worried you may have a pelvic tumor – or any other previously undiagnosed tumor, you should seek professional medical services immediately.

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