La Jolla Vein Care introduces Procedural Telemedicine

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Published On: March, 5, 2021

La Jolla Vein Care is pleased to announce it’s partnership with Avail Medsystems to bring the cutting edge technology of Procedural Telemedicine™ to our practice.   Utilizing this collaborative equipment we can consult with remote staff and vein experts throughout the Avail network to facilitate quick, informed resolutions to even the most complicated procedures.  La Jolla Vein Care prides itself in offering the most updated technology in our quest to offer the very best vein expertise to patients while continuing to provide the quality of care they have come to expect from San Diego’s best accredited vein center.


Avail’s Procedural Telemedicine System facilitates medical expertise sharing and collaboration during live procedures by connecting physicians in the treatment room to remote medical industry professionals and healthcare providers, enabling physicians to deliver the right knowledge, at the right time, regardless of location. The System was built by a team with deep expertise in medical technology and healthcare who understand the day-to-day needs of medical experts.


“We are very exciting to be able to use this technology to better serve our patients,” said La Jolla Vein Care’s Medical Director, Nisha Bunke, MD FAVLS, RPhS

“La Jolla Vein Care has led the way in the new field of Telemedicine for vein care and this a new and exciting aspect that allows us to be able to provide real time instruction during a procedure that is beneficial to patients, doctors and our team.  At La Jolla Vein Care our patients are our top priority and we pride ourselves on offering the newest technologies along with personalized care.”


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Avail’s Procedural Telemedicine system is a mobile, interactive, end-to-end hardware/software technology platform that allows treating physicians to connect with remote healthcare professionals or medical device representatives and collaborate in real-time during live medical procedures.

The Avail System consists of a mobile Console that sits in the procedure room with high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras, plug-ins for external imaging, and a large display monitor showing views that are shared by the remote party.

A remote healthcare professional or medical device representative can use an iPad or laptop to instantly join a procedure and control camera and imaging views, annotate on screen, and communicate two-way with operating physicians.

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