What are the Signs and Symptoms of Pelvic Varicosities?

pelvic varicosities
Published On: June, 7, 2022

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Pelvic Varicosities?

As highlighted above, pelvic congestion syndrome, also can be pelvic varicosities, can manifest in varying ways. As a result, there’s no one standard sign or symptom associated with the condition.

However, many women suffering from pelvic varicosities report a dull but recurring pain. While the pain may come and go, certain factors and situations can worsen the pain. Some of the situations that could lead to chronic pain include;

  • Standing up for extended periods of time
  • Sitting for long or remaining inactive
  • The period leading to menstruation
  • In the evenings
  • In the mid or late stages of a pregnancy
  • During or after sexual intercourse

While pain is the most recorded symptom associated with labial varicosities, some women also note a different combination of recurring symptoms. These are likely influenced by the severity and advancement of the condition. Other pelvic congestion syndrome symptoms include;

  • Experiencing overly painful menstruation (commonly called dysmenorrhea)
  • Excessive or abnormal bleeding during menstruation
  • Swelling of the vulva or vagina
  • Irritable bowel syndromes
  • Backache
  • Fatigue
  • Increased urination
  • Depression
  • Hip pain
  • Change in the vaginal discharge
  • The appearance of varicose veins around the legs, buttocks, and vulva
  • Abdominal tenderness

Whether alone or part of a combination, you should consult a doctor if you notice these symptoms. This will help rule out any conditions, and if it is indeed a pelvic congestion disorder such as pelvic varicosities, they can begin the treatment process.

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